Tow-Truck Monitoring

All vehicle-towing companies have the same tasks and problems regardless of the type of towing they carry out. The company-operator must always have information about the tow-truck’s location and the towing status. The first task is easy to solve – almost all tow-trucks now have GPS/GLONASS monitoring systems on board, but when solving the second task you can face the following problems:

  • The driver didn’t tow the correct vehicle
  • During the towing process the driver made an unauthorised decision to cancel the procedure
  • It is hard to count the number of towed vehicles
  • It is hard to track where the vehicle was picked-up and where it was unloaded.

All of these problems complicate the management of the towing process, lower its efficiency and therefore affect the company’s proceeds. But these problems are eliminated if the PILOT Vehicle Monitoring System and its Tow-Truck Monitoring Module is used for monitoring the tow-trucks. The Tow-Truck Monitoring Module allows:

  • The exact pick-up and drop off points to be determined
  • The duration of the towing-process to be calculated

To monitor the picking-up and transfer of the towed vehicles we use special sensors which detect the presence of the vehicle on the tow-track’s platform with 100% accuracy regardless of the weather conditions. Usage of the Vehicle Monitoring System PILOT with the Tow-Truck Monitoring Module allows the towing process to be fully monitored.

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