In this section you can view letters of recommendation and reviews about our company's work.
At the heart of collaboration with each of our clients lies an individual approach and the maximal satisfaction of all their demands. We thank all our clients for placing their confidence in us and choosing our company as their supplier of monitoring solutions and services. We also take pride in the fact that the majority of our clients become our permanent business partners.
Review from Plafen
Konkom Ltd.
S. A. Turuntsev (General Director)
"I'd like to make special mention of how well the manufacturing is organised, the competence and disciplined approach of the technical engineering workers, the professional workmanship of the installation staff and the well-coordinated and timely responses of the management team"
Review from OrgTeleService
OrgTeleService Ltd.
V.E. Balan (General Director)
"The satellite monitoring system PILOT has shown its working capacity in complete accordance with the stated functionality and has enabled the optimisation of our vehicles."
Review from D-Project
D-Project Ltd.
D.A. Maksutov (General Director)
"On the basis of our own experience we recommend installing the PILOT system at any agricultural enterprise as it provides maximal work efficiency to the fleet's vehicles and allows you to cut expenditures on their upkeep."
Review from Refrigerating Plant Shchelkovsky
Refrigerating Plant Shchelkovsky CJSC
A.B. Bortnikov (Development Director)
"Implementing the satellite monitoring system PILOT has allowed us to solve several complex issues that our company's management team were faced with:

- monitoring the movement of vehicles throughout the route
- timely planning and сhanging of routes
- removing instances of company vehicles being used for private purposes
- determining the duration of stops and movement
- receiving information about fuel usage during journeys"

Review from Meridan
Meridan Ltd.
D. V. Vlasov (General Director)
"PILOT was able to meet all the demands of our logistics business. Your system allowed us to save money and time because it works online and provides information about vehicles at any time."
Review from NIIR-RadioNet
NIIR-RadioNet - Ltd.
Y.V. Djalyabov (General Director)
"Thanks to this system it was possible to cut expenditures on fuel products, increase driver discipline, reduce instances of vehicle misuse and decrease vehicle down time."
Review from Lenenergo JSC
Lenenergo JSC
O.N. Parfenov (Director of the Mechanisation and Transport Department)
"Sky Electronics proved itself to be a reliable partner, fulfilling all obligations professionally and attentively, and efficiently solving all issues that arose while the monitoring system GPS/GLONAS was being installed and used."