Fuel Monitoring in DDG (Diesel Driven Generator)

Task: To organise fuel monitoring in Diesel Driven Generators (DDG). DDGs of various manufacturers with both regularly and irregularly shaped fuel tanks.

Solutions We Have Offered: All the DDGs were divided into 3 types. The following solutions were set up for each type of DDG:

  • Fuel-monitoring with help of in-tank sensors. A decision to fit every tank with 2 fuel sensors was made to reduce the influence of vibration. ESCORT TD-150 sensors were used
  • Differential pulse fuel meters from Technoton were used for irregularly shaped fuel tanks
  • CAN-adapters were used for DDG with Modbus interface

Results: On the first day after installation each object which had been fitted with the system detected a 40% shortage of fuel from the daily quota. After the first month of usage fuel expenses decreased 38%.